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SWOT & Business Health Monitoring Pro

A streamlined spreadsheet-based tool that lets you quickly gain insight and take action to improve business performance. Top performing companies use SWOT to boost results and you can do the same today with this powerful and easy-to-use downloadable tool!

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Business Tools

The business creation and modeling experts at the Center for Business Modeling (CBM) offer educational content, best practices, templates and tools to help you plan and model your business for success. We go beyond the basics tools and templates, and provide you with typical ratios, industry best practices, and business insights to improve your planning and operations. CBM provides proven resources for a variety of business professionals, including:

    • Sales Executives
    • Business Owners
    • Line of Business Owners
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Investors and Partners

Sales Planning

Are you looking to accelerate your sales revenue? Do you need a better forecast for the upcoming quarter or year? Would you like to complete your next sales plan more quickly and accurately? Do you want to make sure your sales model is solid and has the best chance for success based on industry best practices? Finally, do you need an effective way to present this data to the rest of the executive team or board?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, you will be pleased to know that the Center for Business Modeling is preparing comprehensive but easy-to-use web-based templates and tools that will help you organize and launch your sales initiatives, monitor progress, improve constantly, and achieve your important sales metrics. Join our members list and we’ll let you know when the Sales Planning solution is available.



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