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How to do a SWOT Analysis [Infographic]

When to use SWOT analysis? Why Use SWOT? How to do a SWOT Analysis? Introduction to SWOT What is a SWOT analysis? It is a simple method of planning that compartmentalizes important internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats) that an organization faces. Simply stated, it is a highly effective planning […]

SWOT Analysis Checklist

SWOT analysis is a valuable tool in gaining perspective on one’s position within an environment. Whether you’re looking to launch a product, start a business, improve marketing performance, or conduct a personal career assessment, SWOT is a simple method to gain strategic insight. Let’s look as some of the critical success factors in executing a […]

Customer-Centric Sales Planning

Sales plans centered on customers create the most value for your organization. Sales Productivity Architects’ paper, Elements of a Successful Sales Plan tells you how: To ask the right questions and target the right customers To find out where in the sales cycle you should make your move To make your sales spend pay off […]

Sales Planning

From my military planning experience, there are two parts of plans, conceptual and detailed. I think of a conceptual plan as a business plan and detailed plans as the plans that make up a business plan such as a sales plan or a project plan. A plan should be continual assessed and updated, things change, […]

Strategic Planning Basics – Part 2

Let’s plan! Planning is an art and science so you need to convert your ideas into an actionable plan. The conceptual planning or the art of planning is where experience and knowledge of your environment are combined to develop solutions, objectives and assumptions. Understanding the competitive environment, the capabilities of your team and maintaining relationships […]

Keys to Success in Business Planning

You can find many sources of good information about the elements you need to include in your business plan. While these quantitative elements are important, you also need to make sure you are engaging in business planning with a thorough understanding of your mission and the best way to approach the business plan from an […]