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Three C’s to Your Digital Business Model Success – Why You Need to Adapt or Perish

At the Center for Business Modeling, we sometimes travel around the world to find business thinkers that underscore our philosophy for business models. This time, a Professor at New Zealand’s Massey School of Business, Leslie Warren, was the visionary that caught our eye. Listen: “Businesses must reward experimentation…and create a safe space for failure.” “We […]

Making Your Business Model More “Customer-Obsessed” in the Digital World

When your business model includes technology (and let’s face it, everybody’s does right now, at least when it comes to reaching customers) you need the right kind of people on board to uncover your next competitive move. You need the combined strength of product development visionaries; marketing gurus; and business analysts comfortable with the reams […]

Keeping Promises to Your Customer: Marketing Strategies that Work

How to tell your company’s story to inspire trust, remain agile to customer needs In Seth Godin’s recent blog, he says: “My take for the last 15 years is that marketing is merely storytelling and promise making/keeping, and in fact, everything the organization does is at some level, marketing.” I couldn’t agree more. But how […]

Three Ways to Make Your Product an “MVP”

Mine customer insight to provide a minimum viable product (MVP) that covers the bases Because CBM believes in the test, fail, test, succeed model, any discussion about coming up with a “Minimum Viable Product” to meet customer needs tends to perk up my ears. CBM’s Business Model Framework is built on the same premise: Learn […]

Use SWOT to Unlock Your Why Before Your Customer Will Buy

Run a SWOT to unlock your brand promise and build better customer relationships When you are planning how to reach out to the marketplace, there are some newer marketing theories that can be the key to building meaningful relationships with your customers. Yes, I said marketing theories. These are the rare theories that can be […]