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We really appreciate your interest in submitting to the Center for Business Modeling blog site. The purpose of our blog is to help visitors and members improve their business and sales planning performance. We are open to a number of different approaches, as long as they fulfill our overall mission.

Our Audience

While we serve a very broad audience, certain market segments have a larger share of readership, including:

  • Business owners and new entrepreneurs
  • Sales executives
  • Chief financial officers
  • Business consultants
  • Department managers (e.g. marketing, operations, product)

Submission Criteria

We will only accept posts that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Posts need to be on target with our overall mission (above).
  • Posts should contain new ideas and/or different ways of looking at existing ideas.
  • Posts need to be well-written and grammatically sound.
  • Although exceptions can be made, posts should generally be between 350 and 800 words.
  • Posts should be constructive and not designed to attack or belittle anyone.
  • Please, no political, religious or sports-oriented posts.
  • Sales pitches should be kept to a minimum.
  • Although not mandatory, it is always a good example to talk about real examples of the subject matter.

Submission Process

We make it as easy as possible for you to become a CBM contributor. Simply submit your post to us at: If the post is acceptable according the criteria listed above, we will contact you via email, usually within 48 hours. We will then request the following:

  • A short bio – 60-80 words is ideal. Please include links to your social media account so that our readers and contact and/or connect with you.
  • A head-shot photo – color if possible.
  • A graphic image related to the subject matter of the post. This can be a photo, screenshot, chart, clip art or other type of image, but it must be royalty-free or owned by you. If the image requires credit to a third-party, please supply this data. Ideal image size is 180×180 pixels.

Once we confirm acceptance of a post, it will most likely run on our site during the following two weeks. If you need it to run more quickly or after two weeks, we will do our best to accommodate you. We will also promote your blog post via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare and other social channels. After your post appears on the CBM website for 10 days, feel free to use it for other purposes, as long as you attribute the original posting to CBM.

Please send us an email if you have additional questions or submit your post to

Submission Process

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