Center for Business Modeling Announces Call for Submissions

Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Invited to Share
Their Business Planning Insights on CBM Blog

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – (October 30, 2014) – The Center for Business Modeling (CBM) today announced a call for submissions to the company’s blog. Entrepreneurs and business leaders are invited to share their perspective on planning for success in operations, financial, sales and marketing planning.

CBM is a newly launched startup aimed at simplifying and streamlining the way businesses plan for success in all facets of their operations, offering both paid and free business planning resources to its members. Alongside these offerings, CBM aims to build a community of business planning experts who can share best practices and help its members and visitors more accurately anticipate challenges, set goals and avoid costly pitfalls.

“Both contributors and our members will benefit from this shared knowledge,” said Michael James Smyth, CBM’s Chief Operating Officer. “We offer a forum for business planners to establish clear thought leadership and take a high-profile position on the ground floor of this new and important community.”

For more information on how to contribute, please see CBM’s submission guidelines.

About The Center for Business Modeling

The Center for Business Modeling was founded by a team of seasoned business professionals whose experience encompasses all aspects of business creation, operations and finance. Our team has experience ranging from small entrepreneurial ventures to multi-billion dollar international corporations. CBM principals have been responsible for launching ventures, fundraising, marketing, sales and running large successful organizations. Over the years, CBM professionals have seen businesses repeat the same mistakes including failure to capitalize on their core competencies and failure to plan correctly. Our team is now dedicated to helping companies reach their maximum potential through effective business modeling. Find out more at

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