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Welcome to the Expert Series on Business Planning sponsored by the Center for Business Modeling.  Here you’ll find compelling and educational business interviews with industry experts on a variety of topics.

How Branding and Positioning Impact Company ValueHow Branding and Positioning Impact Company Value

As a business leader leading your team to success, you need a detailed understanding of how you are positioned in your competitive arena. Good branding brings you to market with clarity and confidence, building value for your enterprise.

Join Fusion Marketing Partners’ CEO Christopher Ryan for a 15-minute presentation and Q&A about the elements of a strong brand and why understanding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will give you a better chance at achieving prosperity and reaching your goals.

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Buyers-FunnelA More Dynamic Way to Convert, Sell and Win

The traditional linear buyer’s funnel has an understandable appeal and makes sense on a lot of levels. But let’s face it: Customers don’t always move neatly from one part of the funnel to the next, and this inflexible view of the sales process may be costing you conversions and sales.

To help you get unstuck and drive better B2B sales performance, Jim Franklin of Impact B2B Sales will join us to discuss the shortcomings of the seller-centric sales model, give you a fresh view from your customer’s perspective, and reveal the critical questions that will drive improvements in your sales tools and processes.

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How Branding and Positioning Impact Company ValueCrafting the Exit Plan that Helps Startup Investors Say “Yes”

A compelling exit strategy could be the pivotal key to getting the money you need to fund your startup. Showing investors that you’ve thought through this critical step increases their confidence and boosts your odds of getting funded.

Join Denver-based angel investor Todd McWhirter, who has analyzed more than 300 startups and raised more than $13 million for both his and others’ ideas over the last 18 years. He’ll show you why your exit strategy is important, walk you through the major types of exit strategies and reveal how you can make yours attractive to investors.

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