What We Do For You

No business can survive without planning, setting realistic goals and monitoring its health. The Center for Business Modeling (CBM) has the tools, resources and expertise to help your business plan, set goals and stay healthy. Our solutions (including the free resources in the Members area) allow you to save time while you model your business and create plans.

Our tools are cloud-based and designed to standardize the approach to business startups, sales and marketing plans, fundraising, business operations forecasting and business health. The CBM tools allow you to compare your business to your industry’s performance and allow you to create high quality downloadable documents that can for program reviews, strategic planning, fund raising and financial and sales health monitoring.

Our Business Models

The CBM resources always contain these attributes:

  • Simplicity – each tool is easy to understand and use.
  • Best practices insight – Each tool is more than just a template – it also contains typical ratios and industry best practices to help build more accurate plans consistent with your industry and sales model.
  • Practical solutions balancing complexity and simplicity.
  • Ease of change for “what ifs”– online questionnaires allow for customizing scenarios at will.
  • Clear and consistent report delivery.
  • Storage and retrieval of data.

Who We Are

The Center for Business Modeling was founded by a team of seasoned business professionals whose experience encompasses all aspects of business creation, operations and finance. Our team has experience ranging from small entrepreneurial ventures to multi-billion dollar international corporations. CBM principals have been responsible for launching ventures, fundraising, marketing, sales and running large successful organizations. Over the years, CBM professionals have seen businesses repeat the same mistakes including failure to capitalize on their core competencies and failure to plan correctly. Our team is now dedicated to helping companies reach their maximum potential through effective business modeling.