Business Experience Shared

The Center for Business Modeling (CBM) is the leading provider of online business planning tools, and a dynamic community for shared resources and best practices. These resources, tools and services are designed to help our members, customers and website visitors with accelerated business profitability and growth in a manner that is usable, understandable and cost-effective for non-financial experts.

The CBM website is the preferred destination for those both new to and deeply experienced with business planning and modeling. As the focal point of successful business modeling we offer the resources that the business owner, sales executive or marketing manager needs to meet their performance objectives.

What We Offer:

  • Web-Based Software Tools

    Guiding the participant through the process of creating
    business models based on proven best practices.

  • Industry-Specific Data

    What works (and doesn’t work).

  • Industry Resources

    Articles and papers on relevant business modeling topics.

  • Insight from Your Peer Community

    Advice and relevant examples from your peer community.

CBM serves as a forum where best practices in business modeling and planning can be discussed, debated and disseminated. And while CBM recognizes that most business owners and sales executives operate their planning in a vacuum – even the best ideas, hard work, or genius can easily become plagued with flawed thinking and result in ineffective business strategies. By associating with a resource center that offers a foundation of strong modeling tools and best practices, your business will flourish.

CBM is devoted to business owners, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing executives, finance managers, students, professors, and everyone else who is interested in collaboration and improvement of their business planning and financial performance. In addition to the paid tools, we will include many free resources on the CBM website.