Business Operations

Managers at top organizations use metrics to determine current status, monitor progress, and characterize essential cause-and-effect relationships. Leaders assemble their critical metrics into dashboards, allowing them to see performance at a glance and take appropriate action. This white paper shares seven tips to help you create dashboards that rival the best in any industry. This article by Service Excellence Partners provides seven tips to help you can pave the way for your organization to reach elite levels in your competitive marketplace.

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According to industry SaaS expert David Skok, “traditional business metrics totally fail to capture the key factors that drive SaaS (Software as a Service) performance.” But as he says, there are a few key variables that make a big difference to future results. SaaS metrics are driven by predictable factors that help businesses avoid cash flow issues; dodge uncertainty about when to “press the accelerator” on new customer acquisitions; and gain direction about when to focus resources on keeping and monetizing current customers. This paper by Skok provides metrics-measuring templates that bring new vision and clarity to SaaS business decisions.

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