How to Choose the Best
Marketing and Sales Model

How to Select the Right Marketing and Sales Business Model to Achieve Your Revenue Goals

“Strategy is choosing to run a different race because it’s the one you’ve set yourself up to win.”

Michael PorterHarvard Business School

What is the best marketing and sales business model for your company?

The right Marketing and Sales Model is essential to your organization’s ability to achieve its revenue goals. Regardless if your model is built on direct sales, channel sales, e-commerce, or a combination, revisiting your sales model will help you gain extremely valuable information about your marketplace, value proposition, price points, and more. 

This free guide will help you understand and answer the key factors impacting your organization’s sales model. Learn about the two major factors and five minor factors that should be taken into careful consideration when choosing a marketing and sales model.

Why revisit your marketing and sales business model?

  • Sales performance metrics have dropped

    For example, your cost of customer acquisition is increasing or sales conversion ratios are decreasing.

  • You have great products, but lower than expected revenue

    The sales team is stable, comfortable and inefficient. Or lead flow is less than optimal.

  • Your direct sales model no longer matches your product price points

    Competitive pricing pressure has left you in danger of losing revenue.

  • You suspect a critical weakness in some portion of your sales model.

    It might be more than a quick fix. Your competitive edge is slipping away.

A good point to remember about any Marketing and Sales Model: no matter how painful, be prepared to change the model if it is not working.