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The “YOU Differential”

There are so many things  that could be considered a competitive edge, but unfortunately, they can also be duplicated.

We’ve seen this with technology, chains of stores that once dominated the market, and even companies that claimed to have the lowest price . . .

Until someone else came along and found a way to do it quicker, better and cheaper.

Here’s A Crazy Thought . . .

Are you offering YOU as a selling point?

I’m talking about your “know how” experience, creativity, awesomeness etc.

When you really think about it, unless your competitor has wicked cloning skills, nobody else can offer YOU?

4 Simple Ways To Do It

  1. You have to have the balls to say it. Most don’t!
  2. You have to say it in a way that resonates with your prospect! Don’t ever underestimate the “packaging” of your words and phrases.
  3. You need to get them to visualize it.

Why? Because you’re dealing with something that’s intangible and intangible things are easier to comprehend when you make them TANGIBLE.

One thing you could do, is include your bio (include your photo too) in with your proposals or price quote.

What else could you do to make YOU more tangible?

NAPA Auto Parts Rocks This!

Have you ever seen the NAPA Auto Parts commercial, where some dude is making a purchase, and the guy behind the counter says, “And with your order you also get this” and he places a can on the counter. The can says “NAPA Know How”.

He goes on to explain that the “Napa Know How”  is all the experience,  advice and tips that’s included with the purchase.

In that crazy moment, they gave us a visual of something that is otherwise intangible.

They also get a gold star for having the balls to say that to a customer;

Most sales reps feel that the statement is unnecessary, and that it is always implied, but that’s a huge mistake in my book!

Last, but not least, you really have to prove it, otherwise you really aren’t doing much, to move someone off the fence of indifference.

In fact, without the “evidence” it just sounds like you’re saying a bunch of cute sh*t you read on someone’s sales blog.

Let’s go back to that idea of including your bio.

One of the things I do with my bio, is I include several testimonials from my clients as a form of “evidence”. It sort of answers the question “Who says so besides you Castain?”

What can YOU do to prove your “know how” and sheer awesomeness?

I mean, if YOU are included with the purchase, how can you get your prospect to see the value in the “YOU Differential”?

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Author Bio: Paul Castain is founder of Castain Training Systems. Prior to this, Paul was the Vice President Of Business Development for Consolidated Graphics as well as the Director Of Corporate Solutions Sales for Dale Carnegie & Associates. Over the last 30 years, he has trained and mentored over 10,000 sales professionals, written sales training content for several Fortune 500 companies and is the author of Paul Castain’s Social Networking Playbook,  Castain’s Sales Playbook and The Sales Playbook Podcast on iTunes.


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  1. Andy Greer says:

    Great post Paul. Really like the suggestions about making myself as a selling point. Our competition is tough and its sometimes tough to compete on features or price. But I can definitely compete on service and value add.


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